Maldek House Publishing. From Science Fiction to Recipes, Esoteric to ESL Tuition. Books, Ebooks and more.

Maldek House Publishing

Welcome to Maldek House, an esoteric multimedia publishing company exploring the fringe of book and ebook subjects from alien contact, telepathy and asmr to intelligent dinosaurs, conscious planets and manifesting humans. We also have books and ebooks on recipes, insects, learning English as a Second Language, and more.

Our blogs explore more down to Earth subjects so if you’d like to know more about travel, wine and food, we’ve got a blog for that. If reading isn’t your thing, we have a number of Youtube channels on a variety of subjects from Wine Reviews and Travel Diaries to simple excerpt readings and ESL help.

We have a couple of simple apps too. One on reminding you to drink water called Water Warner (PC), and one to help you practice speaking in English called Speak English Practice Videos (Google Play).

In other departments we have private conversation, pronunciation and IELTS tutors available for private English lessons in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Maldek House is always willing to create something new, expand into other areas, and keep an open mind. Find out more by clicking on the menu links above.